Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Search Engine Optimizaition and Free Traffic

I am writing the techniques which i have used to make my website http://www.vivsoftware.co.cc now wesite is http://www.vivsoftware.in to PR1.
There are many peoples which talks about SEO's but actually the fact is only some of them are really knows that what actually SEO ?.

I am writing this article to help those who want their site listed in search engine and want to increase their true visitors.

The main thing is that what is your purpose for get listed in the search engine?
Getting traffic, getting only true visitors, or just want to sell product and earn money.
When i created my website my purpose is that i just want to learn how to create a website with free tools.
I am a student and want to learn many things. So basic thing what i did is that i signed up google/blogger
Then writing some posts and sending them to my friends and just getting comments over that. But when my friends list overs i signed up for social networking sites like orkut,facebook,twitter, and many more.
then i make friendship with peoples having same interest like me. And then i drive them to my site. Actually this is not the purpose of  social networking sites but 95% are just on this sites because of some purpose.
Finally there is no unique traffic which i actually want.

After reading some articles on Google i have decided that if you want users then you have to write your own content which has to be unique. So i decided to write unique content, actually many people doesn't understand the meaning of unique. I know that there are many article on the internet, and my this article may not be unique, this is true. But basically i am a programmer and created some software's which are simple to use and rarely available. That is my thing of uniqueness. And therefore the every people on this earth is unique. And having different talent.

Content on website/blog
So when you create a websites or blogs be sure that the content are correct and you have full interest on that topic. Suppose if you are a farmer and knows how to plant a rose tree properly and you have done this many times then you have to write article or blog on how to plant a rose tree and not on how to plant a tree.
like that if your are a newly graduated computer engineer according to people but you know that you painted your home well, then there are many article on internet about computer, but not a computer engineer painted a home.So if you write an article that a computer engineer painted his home. Then this article will absolutely gets more traffic from world. Lables plays an important role in that always give lable to your article as more as possible as unique as possile and most thing is related to content.

You are thinking that why all this i am telling to you?
Cause before writing and article on blog/website.And doing some work on it to and spending time on it you must know that is your doing right thing and is your website is have some content which will attract users. So always remember that before giving blog title and creating a website title first 'google' that is there any content are similar to your content then your just with competition with that blog/website.

After creating website and posting blogs....
The first thing is that which is necessary that you must Sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.
Add you website in both analytic and webmaster, then place the code in your your site which is provided by these sites. Why to do all this? that you will understand after getting too much visitors.
If you are using blogger then enable n settings that include in search engine. If you have a website (not blog) then you must submit your sitemap in your webmaster account. 

How to add website or blogs to Search Engine?
You have to find a 'add site' link on every search engine but this is very difficult task.
Major search engines :
1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing
4. AltaVista
5. Ask
6. AOL Search
Actually different country's people  uses different search engines.
And it becomes difficult to it manually so you can do search on google for 'submit site to search engine'.
Then select any one which you like, they will ask your website address and some times email address also.

Does paid inclusion works?
Paid inclusion means they manually submit your website to search engines which result in less errors in submission and so that for their service we have to pay them. But sometimes before selecting any website and making payment to it for paid inclusion  just search over internet with name of the website along with 'spam' keyword if websites has bad history then don't make payment.
I recommend that there are many websites which submit your website to 20+major search engines most of the time they works.you can find them in Google by searching keyword 'submit site to search engine'.
And your website is most of the time is get included in 7 days normally, so why to go for paid inclusion?

Things You done....
1. Created website/blogs
2. Created account for Google Analytic/Webmaster
3. Added Site to search engine
4. Considering that you already have social networking sites account then just tell your friends to take a look at your website and comment on it.
5. What next?

What Next ?
Now you are having knows visitors to your site, then go to forums, social networking sites and find the contents which are related to your content. Give some comment and link to your website on these forums. Don't comment and paste your link on any website which have different content this is known as 'SPAMMING' and your account will be banned. If you know some one who really liked your content and wanted that to copy your content just say a big 'Yes' to him, and also tell him to give your original content a back link . with back link your website is linked in many website and when search engines' Crawlers crawls that website it understand that the content on that site are come from your site and so on your place in index will increases and soon on search engines results.

Back link...
When some other website content has a link to your website/ blog then it is known as backlink. And if you want to copy some content from other website then please provide the credit to original author. Example is that my website is http://www.vivsoftware.in then this link known as backlink.The more you get backlink the more your website will stay in top results on search engines.
Tip:  Search for baclink generators,creators and get some free backlinks.

What about free traffic?
Now things you have
1. Website/ Blog
2. Listed in Search Engine
3. Also having back link
4. But still not getting Traffic?

But still not getting Traffic, why?

1. You had write article, which is popular at that time bu not at this time then update is.
2. Don't Stop writing, always write new content to your website blog.
3. Correct the mistakes which are previously occurred by some misunderstanding of the topic.
4. With help of Google Analytic/ Webmaster understand your visitors trend.
5. Study that which types of visitors comes to your sites, and what actually information they wanted and then so that come to your sites.
6. Always remember that buying visitors from any site is not the solution for the question.
8.if you have unique, absolute, come to the point content then visitors will find you and you don't have to find them.
9. After all the back link,search engines, and social networking sites will do their job and definitely you will get  true visitors.

This is the way that i get free traffic from whole world.
homeage http://www.vivsoftware.co.cc 
Now  : http://www.vivsoftware.in

According to me i have covered all topics if any forget then let me know.
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